Jack’s Path Reviews

International acclaim for Jack’s Path

– One of the Great Metaphysical and Visionary Coming of Age Stories

Inherently thoughtful and thought provoking, it is no exaggeration to describe “Jack’s Path” as one of the great metaphysical and visionary coming of age stories, as well as a deeply spiritual and thoroughly reader engaging magical realism style adventure.

Mid-West Book Review, Oregon

– A Tour de Force!

The reader with an open mind will come away
intrigued and enriched.

There is a real sense of movement, action and discovery, and the novel is a kaleidoscope of intriguing and provocative ideas. It’s a heady, technicolour mix.

The Confraternity of St James Book Review

– An Outstanding Book!

The exquisite detail provided, along with a gripping and mystery-filled narrative, makes this one the best books I have read in a long time.

AJM Reynolds

– A Touching and Thought Provoking Read!

Jack Pilgers should be commended for his ability to explore such tough philosophical questions in a way that is accessible for all readers.

Cheyenee Linsdell

– A Gripping Plot

The book features a compelling, adventurous plot which is layered and combined with masterful and explanatory conversations surrounding different schools of philosophy, theology and spirituality.

Henry Bishop

– Jack’s Path is a brilliantly complex and touching story!

I was particularly taken by the quality of the writing and the intricate way the author manages to weave threads of philosophy, history and the metaphysical into something that is one of the best things I’ve read in a long while.

D. Nolan