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Science and religion

Jack falls again into a discussion with Ivana Fokov, on the road to Calzadilla. The text gives a very truncated, rough, overview of the original discussion, but the topic is far larger in scope and therefore not enough space to include in the book… Continue Reading “Science and religion”

Nothing but Atoms

Jack’s meeting with the Fokov’s, just before Ciruena on the Camino, initiates one of the most important philosophical questions, ever, the answer to which will determine so much else of one’s own philosophical views. And still, it is not a question that can remain… Continue Reading “Nothing but Atoms”

TIME and the Lock-down. IS TIME REAL?

I should have been returning today from completing the Camino Primitivo. It had taken months of planning and not a little training to get ready. Like so many of us, my plans were thwarted. However, I can still get out for some local walks… Continue Reading “TIME and the Lock-down. IS TIME REAL?”

Tzu’s World

The Camino’s essence: It is a walk through Nature. It is a dialogue with Nature. Such a beautiful landscape, and the divine is seen more clearly through these paths than with anything else that I know. Some have the fortune, it would seem, to… Continue Reading “Tzu’s World”

The Tattoo

The Tattoo serves as a mnemonic, as a testimony and reminder to Jack of his journey. For the reader, it is a summary of the ideas that are encountered and addressed in the story, though as is always the case with philosophy, it may… Continue Reading “The Tattoo”

Camino Frances in 20 days

The book ‘Jack’s Path’ is set on the Camino Frances, starting in San Jean Pied de Port at the foot of the Pyrenees. Jack accomplishes the journey in about 20 days, and the places where Jack stops were the same places where I had… Continue Reading “Camino Frances in 20 days”

ThE BlOg

No Hay Camino, se hace camino al andar The purpose of the blog is simply to advance on philosophical themes covered in Jack’s Path. I am sure however that this will take us well beyond those key topics considered there. Philosophy, has famously been… Continue Reading “ThE BlOg”