The Author, on a Camino jaunt.

Jack Pilgers

Jack has taught Philosophy and Theology for many years in schools, colleges, and universities, and finds the most intriguing and relevant aspect of philosophy is its relevance to peoples’ lives. He has pursued his study of Philosophy, including further degrees from Spanish and UK universities as well as a sabbatical at Oxford University. Yet he believes that the understanding of our place in the world beyond the obvious and mundane is what fascinates, and is as pressing as ever, and this is what he has chosen to write about.

It is within the arena of nature, the outdoors, and everyday conversations that this all comes to life for Jack. He learned this most especially through conversations whilst out walking and hiking, most especially along the old medieval pilgrimage routes known as ‘Caminos’. On each of these routes, people encountered along the Way were always interested in understanding philosophical ideas as part of their own journeys.

Jack has travelled widely, living and working in Spain and South East Asia, and in Europe. He continues to walk the regular pilgrim routes in the UK and on the continent.