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No Hay Camino, se hace camino al andar

The purpose of the blog is simply to advance on philosophical themes covered in Jack’s Path. I am sure however that this will take us well beyond those key topics considered there. Philosophy, has famously been described as a journey, the journey being more important than the arrival. I’ve often found the Camino itself to be exactly the same. Nonetheless, philosophy is about trying to find answers, the final answers may well put an end to philosophical exploration. Yet those answers are far from having an answer today.

My own experience of walking caminos, is that there were no shortage of people asking the great philosophical questions. The Camino is one of the best places to ponder these questions, and therefore the perfect setting for a book that considers the great questions of philosophy.

Jack’s Path explores many of the current themes in Philosophy, from Ethics, to the place of religion, from epistemology to existentialism.

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